Quick Help

Here are a few FAQs for anything related to our store – from becoming a customer to how we process payments. This page is a temporary fixture for the time being. Work has begun on our new hub where all help related topics will be covered.

If you need to get in touch directly about anything, head over to our main site, here.

What payment methods are accepted?

To ensure flexibility we’ve integrated a few payment options:

  • Payments via Credit/Debit Card – processed by Square Payments
  • Payments via PayPal (Credit/Debit Cards and/or Balance)
  • Payments via Cryptocurrencies – processed by Utrust (See notes)
  • Cleared Funds (Direct Bank Transfer) (See notes)

If paying by Cryptocurrencies our chosen payment processor is Utrust. During the payment process you’ll be redirected to their portal to complete payment. Certain payment methods like BTC, ETH, UTK and more are accepted, but do ensure that you follow the website’s instructions to the letter to ensure the payment completes successfully.

For large transactions which may not be possible to complete payment via Credit/Debit Card or PayPal, we do accept direct bank transfers. When an order is placed, details to make the payment will be displayed. Once we receive confirmation through our provider that payment has been made the order will be completed. Alternatively, we may be able to process the payment via Utrust as well depending on the circumstances.

I’m a new customer that’s placing an order. What happens next?

If you’re a new customer, here’s what will happen once you place an order.

  • Before you submit your order you’ll need to confirm the follow up questions beforehand, as it includes questions relating to whether you have an existing Microsoft 365 Tenant(s) or require new one(s) to be created.
  • Once you’ve submitted your order and payment has been confirmed, if all details have been provided we will start the process of getting the subscriptions up and running.

If you’ve selected that you don’t have an existing Microsoft 365 Tenant to hand we will create one for you and email all details across to confirm how to sign in and manage your tenant etc. in due course.

If you have mentioned that you have an existing Microsoft 365 Tenant or Tenants to apply subscriptions to, we will send an email out with a reseller relationship link which needs to be accepted and authorised by someone on the tenant with administrated permissions (See below question).

  • Once either of the above has been confirmed we’ll then apply the new subscriptions or one-time purchases to tenants where necessary and send out additional info about the subscriptions, payment terms etc.
  • You’ll also receive your Essentials Cloud account number, which starts with EC-. This reference must be used for any additional orders placed or to receive support for existing services.

I have an existing Microsoft 365 Tenant, what do I need to do in preparation?

If you have an existing Microsoft 365 Tenant (could end in *.onmicrosoft.com or is a custom domain), before we can setup the subscriptions and before you can begin to use them, you’ll need to accept the reseller relation link (sent by email).

This link confirms the relationship between your existing tenant(s) and ours – and allowing us to add subscriptions on your behalf. When you confirm, our details as well as our distributor, Lenovo United Kingdom, will be clearly displayed beforehand. Once you’ve confirmed this we’ll be able to continue setting up subscriptions.

We know that some have concerns with 3rd parties accessing their environments, so it’s important to note that these reseller relationship links do not have any administrative roles included and can be confirmed before accepting.

I’m an existing customer placing additional orders. What do I need to do?

If you’re ordered from us before (via our eBay site), by now you would have received your Essentials Cloud account number. You’ll need to include this before submitting your order, along with the Microsoft 365 tenant(s) that would be in receipt of these. If you don’t provide this at checkout, this could significantly delay provisioning of services.

What are the payment terms when ordering?

This depends on the type of product you’re ordering. As we continue to expand our offerings, many items we sell will require an upfront payment.

At the moment, when paying for items you’ll either pay:

  • Monthly
  • Annually
  • One-time purchase

How do I make future payments for my subscriptions?

When you place an order, depending on how you’ve paid we’ll either send out invoices payable online (or including details to make manual payments), or setup a recurring subscription with one of our payment providers, such as Square. If you had purchased subscriptions via our eBay store on previous occasions the above will also apply.

Who can purchase Essentials Cloud subscriptions?

We welcome personal and business customers of any size, either in the United Kingdom or in Europe. All that we ask is to let us know on how you intend on using the subscription(s) – whether it be for personal or business use (or both), so we can configure the account correctly. Once an order is completed, as a business we may need to check through and confirm a few details. This is in line with the checks carried out by Microsoft and our distributor.

Are Essentials Cloud subscriptions genuine?

Indeed they are! We are a registered member on the Microsoft Partner Network and currently have a relationship with Lenovo United Kingdom as a cloud reseller. This info will be visible on all Microsoft 365 Tenants where we have provisioned services. As of August 2022 we’ve just joined up with another distributor for more software offerings. We’ll update this space once things are up and running.

Can I change to another subscription once my order has been setup?

Put simply, it depends on how the order was initially configured beforehand. If the order was completed and was to be paid on a monthly basis then we may be able to suspend the subscription and provision a different one, and any fees paid prior will be adjusted where appropriate. If the order was completed and to be paid annually, this won’t be possible.

Once we have provisioned subscriptions with Microsoft through the distributor in line with payment commitments we’re unable to make any changes thereafter, so it’s important to be aware and that you’re fully aware of the features of the subscription being ordered.

Can I cancel down a subscription and be refunded?

We always strive to do our best on the services we provide, but we do acknowledge that things can sometimes go wrong. This is a tricky one, and can depend on how the order was placed and reasons for cancelling down the subscription.

If the order was to be paid on a monthly basis, providing there are valid reasons to cancel down, we would most likely be able to review and issue a pro-rated refund – depending on how many days of services entailed and any other factors etc.

If the order was to be paid annually, we’re not able to fully cancel down and refund the subscription once it has become active.

I have additional questions. How can I get in touch?

If you’ve got queries which aren’t covered on this page, you can head over to the Contact page on our main website and find our details there.